Maxi-Brillian, in compliance with the provisions of the law, makes available all the necessary and useful information for the correct identification and proper disposal of the packaging. By scanning the QR code that is inserted inside the package you will be directed to the page where you can identify the category of product you wish to dispose of. It is advisable to check the regulations of the relevant Municipality to make sure that the type of material requires the disposal indicated in the table in general terms.

Packaging type Material category Collection
Goggle protective film PE-LD 04 Plastic
Box PAP 20 Paper
Scotch tape PP 05 Undifferentiated
Packing sticker PAP 22 Paper
Filling material PAP 22 Paper
Tissue paper PAP 22 Paper
Invoice PAP 22 Paper
Sponge pack PU 07 Undifferentiated
Pack of pieces PE-LD 04 Plastic
Shoppers PAP 22 Paper
Shopper strings PP 05 Plastic

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