Instructions for use

Errors of use to avoid to lengthen the life of the glasses

Wrong cleaning

Cleaning the lenses without water, with alcohol, with paper/fabric that is too stiff or with powder are among the most frequent cleaning mistakes.

To properly clean your glasses, take cold water, a drop of neutral pH soap, and dry the lenses with a microfibre cloth. (it is important to remove all the soap)

Lack of custody

Glasses placed in the direction of the lenses, in your pocket or loose together with the keys inside your bag, are among the most serious mistakes for scratching the lenses.

To avoid these errors, put the glasses in a case (preferably rigid) and do not place them directly with the lenses.

Too hot

Leaving the glasses without a case in the car in the sun, wearing them while using the hair dryer or while opening the oven, are among the most frequent mistakes for damaging glasses through color.

Take off your goggles and set them aside while using hot items. If you leave your glasses in the car, put them in the case and possibly in a closed part.


Wearing your glasses or leaning them close together while spraying your hair is why your lenses get stained.

To avoid this, you can put the glasses inside the case or place them further away from you.

Contact with chemistry

Cleaning with disinfectant and liquids that contain alcohol-based chemicals are among the causes why lenses and frames are often damaged.

Sea and swimming pool water

Sea and swimming pool water that dries on your glasses will ruin your glasses over time.

If you are unable to wear contact lenses or go without glasses, clean the lenses and frame immediately with plain water to avoid damage.

Falling glasses

Glasses worn over the head, in the shirt or very spread out may fall off, and the lenses and frames may be marked.

Have your glasses tightened regularly to avoid damage of this type.


Especially in summer and during sports, our sweat sticks to the glasses, ruining the lenses and the frame over time.

If you are unable to wear contact lenses or play sports without them, clean the lenses and frames with water after sports to avoid damage.

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